Femme Fatale

The name, as well as the label of  this beer, was thought up by artist Rik Vermeersch, a cousin of Luc Vermeersch.

The ’irresistible’ lady represents a light amber beer of 6,5° with a creamy white head.  Its nose is malty with fruity notes resulting in a slightly bitter aftertaste.

Alcohol Color EBC    EBU    Packaging
6,5 Light amber 13 32 Bottle 33 cl
Bottle 75 cl


Bon Homme

The man of the Femme fatale, an ‘incredible’ nice dark beer of 6,5° in which no less that 5 types of malt are incorporated.

The label was designed by artist Tinus Vermeersch. In addition to the caricature
of brewer Luc’s friendly father, the close observer will notice that the label also includes some representations of typical Flemish sayings that allude to drinking and being drunk...

Its beautiful head smells of caramel with a light hop note. Its malty taste is followed by a fine bitterness that lingers very nicely into the aftertaste.

Alcohol Color EBC    EBU    Packaging
6,5 Brown red 112 28 Bottle 33 cl
Bottle 75 cl

Enfant Terriple

The love between Femme Fatale and Bon Homme could not remain without a
fruit. And thus the beautiful couple had a child! The first tripel of the De Leite brewery was born. 
The couple baptized their first descendant with the name of ‘Enfant Terriple’. A
‘surprising’ playful beer. (do you notice the play on words with ‘tripel’?)

Enfant Terriple is a devilish sunny blond beer of 8,2° with a playful nose. Its fine bitterness with a subtle touch of citrus is accompanied by a sober spicy malty
taste. The pleasant bitterness carries through into the aftertaste. For amateurs with a fresh view of life…

The label was drawn by artist Robin Vermeersch. The playful figure and bright colours express the ‘surprising’ freshness, waiting to be discovered by amateurs.

Alcohol Color EBC    EBU    Packaging
8,2 Blond    6 48 Bottle 33 cl
Bottle 75 cl

Ma mère spéciale

The demand for a more bitter beer has grown. In French bitter is called ‘amère’ (like mère for mother). ‘Ma Mère Speciale’ has been added to the ranks.
Ma Mère Spéciale (6°) has a mild malty rich quality. The balanced bitter hop flavour is rounded off with a soft, fine hint of lemon. The refined hop aftertaste lingers pleasantly.

This golden bitter ‘mother’ is ‘unbitterable’ according to brewers.

The label was designed by Pieter Vermeersch.

Alcohol Color EBC    EBU    Packaging
6 Gold 9 72 Bottle 33 cl
Bottle 75 cl


Cuvée Mam´zelle

Watch out; a beautiful damsel involves herself in the family. 
The jong lady ripened a couple of months in oak wine casks and has therefore a soft-bitter tannin. The taste is full and complex because of the controlled acidification dring the riping process.
Mam´zelle is originally a blond beer. The riping process gave her a soft red glow. Therefore she´s called red blond. Alcoholpercentage is 8,5%. The brewers claim  her to be ´indomitable´.

The label is designed by Lowie Vermeersch.

Alcohol Color   EBC    EBU    Packaging
8,5 Red blond  8  50 Bottle 33 cl


Cuvée Jeun´homme

An oak-aged bitter beer. Originally the beer had a slight citrus-bitterness due to its 4 hops and the subsequent dry hopping.

The beer is acidified while it ripens for 4 months in oak wine casks.
The daring bitter-sour combination is moderated by this ripening process and as a consequence it is a very pleasant drinking beer.

The label was designed by Rik Vermeersch; based on a work of José Vermeersch.

Alcohol Color   EBC    EBU    Packaging
6,5 Blond  10  65 Bottle 33 cl


Cuvée Soeur´Ise

The brewers use lactobacillus to create a breeding ground in the oak wine casks. They then roll 40 kg cherries through the narrow opening in the barrels into 170L enfant Terriple. The yeast needs 5 months to break down all the sugars and for the gentle acidification process to work its magic. Over this period the cherries slowly release their blood red colour and tasty flavour. The result is a ‘thoroughbred’ triple kriek.

And as for the name… Cherries are ‘cerises’ in French and so the Cuvéé Soeur’Ise was born. A fine figure of a nun. The brewers claim it is impossible to lead their little nun astray…but they believe that she is more than capable of leading others into temptation…

The label was designed by Tinus Vermeersch.

Alcohol Color EBC    EBU    Packaging
8,5 Red   48 Bottle 33 cl
Bottle 75 cl


Fils à Papa

To continue our creativity, every now and then we would like to bring out a new beer.
Each time under the same name. But with a different content.

The name…
In each family you have a outlier. Our beer family also has a son like that now.
A ‘Fils à Papa’. The brewer calls him unpredictable. After all, it is a ‘pop-up’ beer…

A ‘limited edition’. Each version will only be brewed once.
In batch 2014/1, we have chosen for a full amber beer of 6,5 vol. % alc.

A diverse pallet of flavours emerges. At tastings, we heard ‘wood, full, rich, chocolate, smoked, whisky, herbs, Guinness-alike…’
The Fils à Papa has indeed a very rich and complex flavour exclusively created by the used malts. Nothing else was added to this beer.
The beautiful silky foam layer lets you dream away from the start.

The label has been designed by Tinus Vermeersch.

Merci Maman 

Merci Maman is especially brewed in recognition of the brave mothers and women who struggled during the second world war.

Nowadays our artisanal brewery support courageous mothers and women. We opted for a project in Afghanistan “Istalif”, founded by Jenny Vanlerberghe.The project gives women in Afghanistan the opportunity so they can built an independent livelihood themselves.  

We give 10% of our turnover of the beer Merci Maman to this courageous project.

Merci Maman is a beer with three times more hop and brewed with fine dryhopping.

The label was designed by Robin Vermeersch. 










Bottle 33 cl